1:1 Model Shootout

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1:1 Model Shootout

Are any of these you...

-not booking enough sessions

-not booking the sessions you want

-extremely nervous before sessions

-feel awkward during sessions

-wanting session flow

-tired of the over-saturation & competing with other photogs

-loses control easily during sessions

-wants a sense of artistic control in your business

-does not feel satisfied in your work

-constantly discouraged 

...I could go on and on with all the complaints I have heard from photographers over the years! 

1:1 model shootouts are about making you feel more confident and inspired to create your art. I do not mentor to make "carbon copies" of myself, but empower you to create your own voice in your own work. You should be telling your unique story through your incomparable images.  No more feeling bad or discouraged about your work! You will be apart of our photography family, where we uplift and educate each other!!!



$1200- Model Shoot Includes 

-Choose your session: couple, family, senior or wedding

-1 hour discussion

-2-3 hours with model posing/shooting 

-How to prep your clients and enforce style

-Proper camera settings & equipment

-manipulating camera setting to achieve unique looks

-Manual Mode, Exposure & Focusing

-Camera angles

-Sunsets, lighting and location

-Client led posing and connection

-Client/Photographer interaction

-Proper Session Etiquette

-Session Flow

-Posing format to eliminate pre-session anxiety

-How to find your uniqueness

-How to shoot with confidence

-free membership to private group for further education!

*photographer cannot be currently offering mentoring services to other photographers and must agree to not offer mentoring services for 1 year after signed contract.

You Must Operate Your Business At Least 100 Miles Outside Of Indianola, IA.



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