"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

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Presets, Finishing Edits, PS Workflow Actions + 10 Editing Videos!!


1:1  Model Shoot


Are any of these you...

-not booking enough sessions

-not booking the sessions you want

-extremely nervous before sessions

-feel awkward during sessions

-wanting session flow

-tired of the over-saturation & competing with other photographers

-loses control easily during sessions

-wants a sense of artistic control in your business

-does not feel satisfied in your work

-constantly discouraged 

...I could go on and on with all the complaints I have heard from photographers over the years! 

1:1 model shootouts are about making you feel more confident and inspired to create your art. I do not mentor to make "carbon copies" of myself but to empower you to create your own voice in your own work. You should be telling your unique story through your incomparable images.  No more feeling bad or discouraged about your work! You will be apart of our photography family, where we uplift and educate each other!!!



$1500- Model Shoot Includes 

-Choose your session: couple, family, senior or motherhood

-3 hours with model posing/shooting 

-1-2 hours discussion

-How to prep your clients and enforce style

-Proper camera settings & equipment

-manipulating camera setting to achieve unique looks

-Manual Mode, Exposure & Focusing

-Camera angles

-Sunsets, lighting and location

-Client led posing and connection

-Client/Photographer interaction

-Proper Session Etiquette

-Session Flow

-Posing format to eliminate pre-session anxiety

-How to find your uniqueness

-How to shoot with confidence

-45 minutes editing over zoom editing images you shot!

-free membership to private group for further education!

-Free Presets made from zoom meeting

-Digital Session Guide reviewing everything we covered in person!

*photographer cannot be currently offering mentoring services to other photographers and must agree to not offer mentoring services for 1 year after signed contract.


Business Makeover

Smart Business + Creative Art

I am SO passionate about helping women become financially independent and successful in their trade!


 There are so many behind the scene decisions that are made on a daily basis!

If you don't want to attend photography business school, the next best thing is to talk to someone in your trade with experience.  

When you're ready to take your hobby or start up to the next level, that means making some hard choices, and I am here to guide on what path is the right one for you and your business.

In this business makeover class, we will have a 3 hour discussion on what you want to shoot, how you want to shoot it and how you're going to market it!

This is NOT a "one-size fits all" mentoring class.  This is customized to your needs and wants!  I have had students double and sometimes triple their bookings in just a couple months! If you put in the work, you get the results!!!




What will we cover? Really anything you want but if you aren't sure where to start here is what the digital guide will cover:

-taxes & insurance

-customized pricing for your business

-social media, marketing & SEO

-camera settings to achieve a unique look

-personal & financial independence

-proper business structure & management

-how to make more money: work smarter not harder

-How to book your ideal client

-client /photographer communication

-good ole fashioned customer service

-setting and achieving business goals


Also includes:

-30 minutes of Editing your photos with my presets in ACR & Photoshop

-portfolio review

-invite to private mentoring group

-free presets

-and so much more


We will visit over zoom to discuss how to start your business OR take your business to the next level! This is a custom built plan for you and I am so excited to see where it takes you!

Editing in ACR & PS

Take your images to the next level!

I believe in being a “well rounded” artist...which means I know how to use the tools provided to me to make the best of any situation. Photoshop is a tool that can make your images look “next level” good!  However, it’s not a tool that can be self-taught easily... -that’s where I come in- I have 2 years of photoshop training from the HCC Professional Photography Program and 14 years experience implementing PS in my business. My photoshop class is a 2 hours class over zoom, we will discuss your portfolio and edit your images using my presets. You will also be added to my private mentoring group  and sent a link of editing videos for further questions and education! I will also help you make a custom preset and custom editing videos for future reference!

1:1 Photoshop Class: $800

What will we cover?

-editing in ACR

-graphics & collages

-batch editing & saving

-batch converting to BW

-creating artistic images

-making presets and actions liquify & transform

-clone & healing brush

-dodge & burn portraiture

-edit a session in an hour

-custom videos of me editing your images

-custom presets to fit your work and style!

-portfolio review

* plus, anything specific to your needs & wants


 "I am a self taught photographer so I knew what I wanted my images to look like but what I struggled with was the how. How do I get MY images to look like the images I had in my mind. The struggle was real and so was the frustration. I bought countless courses and watched more YouTube videos than anyone ever should. I joined Facebook groups and bought presets hoping that they were the answers to all the questions I faced. Then I took Missie's workshop and all the pieces started to slide together perfectly. During the workshop she touches on everything from camera settings and shooting styles to styling and editing a session to marketing and branding, I could keep going... I loved the workshop because it was hands on and face to face. I have bought a lot of online courses and have read a lot of ebooks but for me, nothing compares to hands on and face to face action. Missie's positive and funny personality is infectious, she makes you feel completely comfortable and creates a safe learning environment. She is confident in her work and herself and that right there is what makes her a great photographer and teacher. Then there's the added bonus of the Facebook group! It is seriously a lifeline for me, there has not been one question that has gone unanswered by her, not one and I have asked a lot of them! ;)  We have an amazing group we are all there for support, pep talks and to cheer each other on. I seriously don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't taken the workshop, probably still floundering along trying to find myself and my style in the sea of amazing and talented photographers. It is hands down the best money I have spent for myself and my business period." 



“Missie is AMAZING! This was the best thing I ever did for myself and my photography. I found Missie and loved her artwork and when she offered her first mentoring session I knew I needed to be a part of it. Missie offers so much of herself after the workshop. I now have a group of photographers I can come to with questions or advice, it is truly amazing to be a part of this group” -Donna

"In a half day workshop Missie was able to cover so many helpful topics! She has definitely helped me connect the dots and make my work more fluent in editing and during sessions. Her knowledge of photography and readiness to help as a mentor is amazing. If I had not decided to sign up for her workshop it would have taken years to get where I have in just a few months. Thank you Missie!!"



"Missie is a terrific teacher and leader. She knows exactly who she is and has found a way to stand out in a crowd. And like so many of my favorite photographers, she gave of herself unselfishly and for that I am eternally grateful. We crammed a lot into six hours and it was worth every penny and flight connection. Continuing education is so important, regardless of your skill level. I encourage anyone in photography to workshop in person as often as you can. It’s truly a valuable experience.

I’m not sure I’ve completely isolated what makes me unique, but after this past weekend I’m reenergized to keep digging. Thanks Missie! xoxoxox"


"Signing up for Missie's photography seminar is one of the best decisions I could have made to help my business. I had no idea what to expect going into it, I just loved her work and knew I could learn a lot from her. Missie was fun, friendly, engaging, encouraging and I came away feeling like she wanted me to succeed as much as I did. Not only was the class invaluable but the Facebook page has been a huge source of help and encouragement in furthering my business." 


“This has been one of the best investments for my business I have done. I was not very confident with my business and I am not more confident. I never thought my business would take off like it did. Not to mention the access you have to Missie and all the others she has mentored is amazing in our little group”


"In a half day workshop Missie was able to cover so many helpful topics! She has definitely helped me connect the dots and make my work more fluent in editing and during sessions. Her knowledge of photography and readiness to help as a mentor is amazing. If I had not decided to sign up for her workshop it would have taken years to get where I have in just a few months. Thank you Missie!!"



“Without a doubt, THE best investment for my photography business I have ever made. Not only for the actual workshop (which was absolutely incredible), but for Missie’s continued guidance afterwards. She is always willing to be open and transparent with her knowledge and experience. Don’t hesitate, just do it!”



​“I took Missie’s spring workshop a few years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done for my business! Something she said just made it all click! So worth the investment!”



“This is an amazing opportunity to learn from someone that I’d admired for years online! It’s also the gift that keeps on giving, being a part of a private FB group after the workshop as allowed me to continue to learn and be inspired by many talented photogs!”


“This is such a good investment, as a newbie photographer my confidence was lacking and doing a small group workshop with Missie helped tremendously and was so fun!! Also, being able to be in the private group where advice is shared and helpful tips are added has continued to help me as I grow!”



“This was the BEST investment for my business! I have learned so so much from Missie and our little group! She is simply the best!”



 “DO IT!!!!! Best thing I ever did for myself and for my business. Missie is the best!!”



“This is an awesome workshop and an even better community post workshop. Definitely worth the investment in your business!  I’m so glad I did this a couple years ago”



“BEST INVESTMENT!! Missie knows her stuff!! And she has so much to share! So empowering. I’ve learned so much through Missie. You won’t regret it”



“Can I sign up again? 🤣 you made a huge difference in my business and I’m so thankful for you mentoring me!”