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What are people saying?

 "I am a self taught photographer so I knew what I wanted my images to look like but what I struggled with was the how. How do I get MY images to look like the images I had in my mind. The struggle was real and so was the frustration. I bought countless courses and watched more YouTube videos than anyone ever should. I joined Facebook groups and bought presets hoping that they were the answers to all the questions I faced. Then I took Missie's workshop and all the pieces started to slide together perfectly. During the workshop she touches on everything from camera settings and shooting styles to styling and editing a session to marketing and branding, I could keep going... I loved the workshop because it was hands on and face to face. I have bought a lot of online courses and have read a lot of ebooks but for me, nothing compares to hands on and face to face action. Missie's positive and funny personality is infectious, she makes you feel completely comfortable and creates a safe learning environment. She is confident in her work and herself and that right there is what makes her a great photographer and teacher. Then there's the added bonus of the Facebook group! It is seriously a lifeline for me, there has not been one question that has gone unanswered by her, not one and I have asked a lot of them! ;)  We have an amazing group we are all there for support, pep talks and to cheer each other on. I seriously don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't taken the workshop, probably still floundering along trying to find myself and my style in the sea of amazing and talented photographers. It is hands down the best money I have spent for myself and my business period."


-Lauren Cunningham

"In a half day workshop Missie was able to cover so many helpful topics! She has definitely helped me connect the dots and make my work more fluent in editing and during sessions. Her knowledge of photography and readiness to help as a mentor is amazing. If I had not decided to sign up for her workshop it would have taken years to get where I have in just a few months. Thank you Missie!!"


-Hillary Kollasch

"Missie is a terrific teacher and leader. She knows exactly who she is and has found a way to stand out in a crowd. And like so many of my favorite photographers, she gave of herself unselfishly and for that I am eternally grateful. We crammed a lot into six hours and it was worth every penny and flight connection. Continuing education is so important, regardless of your skill level. I encourage anyone in photography to workshop in person as often as you can. It’s truly a valuable experience.

I’m not sure I’ve completely isolated what makes me unique, but after this past weekend I’m reenergized to keep digging. Thanks Missie! xoxoxox"

-Tracy Anderson

"Signing up for Missie's photography seminar is one of the best decisions I could have made to help my business. I had no idea what to expect going into it, I just loved her work and knew I could learn a lot from her. Missie was fun, friendly, engaging, encouraging and I came away feeling like she wanted me to succeed as much as I did. Not only was the class invaluable but the Facebook page has been a huge source of help and encouragement in furthering my business."

-Katie Swanson

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