Small Group Mentoring

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Small Group Mentoring

I believe in learning "hands-on" 

During my small group mentoring you will watch me and then be able to practice on the models also!  The first 1-2 hours is discussion through the provided guide, then a 2 hour model shoot and finally another optional 1 hour discussion. 

I keep my group mentoring small, so you don't get lost in the masses!  

I host several small groups during the year, each with a different "theme"

Family, Senior, Lifestyle, Wedding, Couple

I announce each type on facebook


$800- Model shoot Includes

-2 hour discussion before

-2 hour Model Shootout

-1 hour discussion after

-How to prep your clients and enforce style

-Proper camera settings & equipment

-Manual Mode, Exposure & Focusing

-Camera angles

-Sunsets, lighting and location

-Client led posing and connection

-Client/Photographer interaction

-Streamlining workflow

-Proper Session Etiquette

-A copy of my style/ prep guide

-how to price yourself

-Add to a private group for continuing discussion, questions and guidance



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