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Not just your average presets...This is a in-depth look into what it takes to set yourself up for successful and unique editing.  This set is made for the photographer who is tired of searching for the "perfect preset" I want to teach you how to create your own edits and style!



  •  Mentoring Group Membership
  • ACR/LR Pre-edits
  • PS finishing edits
  • Photoshop workflow actions 
  • Videos showing you how I uniquely edit my images using Bridge, ACR & PS. 
  • Other Editing videos include: Geometry, Liquify, Transform, Culling In Bridge, Using Overlays, Portraiture/Skin Tones, Changing  Background Colors, Frequency Separation, Color Space/Social Media Resizing, Masking Brushes & Videos showing some creative editing!
  •  Editing Guide: 18 pages setting you up for success before, during and after a shoot


*After checkout you will be prompted to download a .pdf with hyperlinks to each site.  Click on each hyperlink to get to the edits in dropbox, the editing videos link, editing guide  and mentoring group!

*All Sales are final (no refunds)

*Do Not Share or Sell presets, videos or actions

*Presets can be used in LR but editing videos are all done in ACR & PS

*Please note that I use Custom Kelvin settings in camera. But each camera is different and the presets will need to be adjusted to your camera settings and model!

* Links in emails are only good for 30 days, make sure to downloads .pdf before that

Presets, Editing Videos & Guide

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