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The Pose is the heart of all photos, you can have bad lighting, poor styling, BUT if you are owning the pose, the picture will be fierce! 


Join me March 5th 2023 for The Pose Workshop, where we will be going over how to get the best out of your clients and help you understand posing. We will be doing several looks with a model using simple clothing and complicated clothing (click through images to see style board examples)

I invite you all to bring your cameras, a 35 or 50mm lens and an optional 85mm. 

We will be working in a natural light studio with several backdrops and props.

The Whistler Studio: 500 E Locust St #202, Des Moines, IA 50309

Copper & Fringe Beauty Co. will be doing hair and makeup


What will be covered?

  • Building A Pose
  • Perfecting the details
  • Lighting the pose
  • Posing Flow
  • Posing to Your Client
  • Posing & Styling
  • Posing to your style
  • Communication
  • Story TElling
  • Representing your Model
  • Posing with props & Dresses
  • Artistic, Fashion, lifestyle Posing
  • Optional Editing Video & Presets for an additional $100. These will be posted 1 week after workshop and can be purchased at that time. 

The Pose Workshop (In-Person)

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