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How to take your photography to the next level

Everyone, not matter your skill level, gets stuck in a rut. And it's especially common among us artists. When we get so busy and we're just trying to keep our head above water, we sometimes forget the whole reason we started out photography journey. We buy presets, actions, mentoring or new equipment and props to try and motivate us...but that doesn't always work!

When I started out I spent SO MUCH MONEY on presets and actions-only to find out they didn't look good with my style or I ending up doing more work adjusting them. I finally figured out that presets only work if your original image is similar to that of the photographer selling the preset. A preset won't fix everything....if your image isn't properly exposed or is out of focus, you will be spending ours correcting the mistake.

Join me in learning how to use ACR presets properly-start making your own presets, create an effective workflow and deliver consistent images to your clients in a timely manner and join a group where I will offer insight, education and advice! To learn more about my editing education go to this link:


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