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You are an Impostor

You are not good enough. You should just quit. Everyone else is better than you.

The voices inside your head will sabotage you...but only if you let them. Doubting your abilities internally when you are succeeding externally is a little thing known as IMPOSTOR SYNDROME and millions of people suffer from this! But I'm going to speak to the photographers and artists that ride that bipolar roller coaster of highs and lows...

How do you combat impostor syndrome when every fiber in your gut tells you you are not good enough? I'm going to be honest, it take a lot of mental strength to fight back and take back the positive and kick out the negative that occupies the space in your head. But here are some tips to help you kick that imaginary impostor in the butt!


1. POST & GHOST. We all do it, we post a new image and just sit and wait for the hearts, likes and comments. It's like watching a pot waiting for the water to's insanity. When the Metaverse is literally against you, there is not point in trying to understand who, what, where and when to post...JUST POST & GHOST. TRUST that you love the image and others will too...but

they probably didn't see it cuz it's 2am and you're a psycho still up editing. TRUST in your abilities to choose which images to curate on your instagram and that no amount of likes can justify your artistic vision. TRUST. When you post and ghost you are trusting yourself and not relying on codependence of social media.


2. MINDSET. If you have a little monster living in your head telling lies and spreading negativity, you need to fill all your headspace with positivity and reassurance from your heart. It's SO much easier to give into those negative thoughts, but what if everyday you told yourself "you are amazing, you are so talented and I'm really proud of you". Yes, say that to yourself. As many times as it takes, because confidence comes from a mindset of internal positivity! No person or object can give you confidence, you have to dig deep into your core and plant the seed and help it grow!


3. HYPE FOLDER. The greatest of all time, top ten best, world's best that folder whatever you want, just fill it with images that made your heart skip a beat and that defined your artistic soul. I started this folder in 2017 and I still go back to it every once in a while and think "GAWD-DAMN I'M GOOD". This "hype-folder" is going to do 2 things for you...1) it's going to remind you of how great you are and build your confidence. 2) It's going to make you a better photographer & artist by analyzing why you love these images. The more you focus on your work and less on others, the more you will create a self-assuring mindset that will keep you feeling like a Master of your craft and not an impostor of your craft.

Remember Impostor syndrome is not an over-night fix, it takes practice to change your mindset. Remind yourself daily, make notes, keep a journal, but remember no one else can fix it for you...but YOU have the POWER to make the CHANGE!


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