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Bring Me All The Dogs!

I get it...between convincing your husband or your boyfriend that you NEED pictures and then getting the kids ready and trying to show up to the appointment on time-the last thing you want to do is bring your crazy dog...or is it....

Family sessions are crazy/hectic anyways BUT it's the craziness and the chaos that I love to photograph-and no I'm not talking about hissy fits or snotty noses. The kind of chaos I'm talking about is the laughter and the spontaneous adventures that may or may not happen! Most clients leave my session with a new funny story or are in amazement at how much fun their kids had. So guess what- your family pet automatically makes everything more fun and everyone feel more comfortable, the kids-the hubby-your fiance who is missing the game because of pictures...there is just something about dogs that makes us...RELAX.

Your dog is apart of your family...and just like us mom's, we forget or neglect to include them in the pictures. So BRING THEM! Bring a leash, dog treats, a bottle of water and tupperware. Tie them to a tree or put them in the car with a bone when we are done with the pooch.

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